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Welcome to my Blog!

I am a 22 year old from South Louisiana whom when I was about 16 years old I discovered my love for fashion & expressing my style through photoshoots with my mom. I began my first job (18) at Forever 21 in Spring of 2016 (My High School Graduating Year) as a regular sales associate. At the time, I didn’t have a set career choice yet so I just picked up a lot of hours to fill my days.

That fall I started my blog, unsure of the direction that I wanted to go with it. So I’d document my travels & throw a few fashion tips here & there. I was still learning about myself & what I wanted to talk about on my blog.

After being at Forever 21 for almost a year, the Visual Merchandising Manager came up to me & offered me a position to be a Visual Associate. I was excited about what it had to offer creatively & I accepted. A while later I was able to move up to a full time position as Visual Merchandiser. I had so much fun doing layouts, mannequins & wall builds. Getting to let out all kinds of creativity that fashion had to offer. I did this whilst still blogging here & there but not as consistent as I would have liked.

It was with these years at Forever that I developed myself. I had discovered my calling & didn't want it any other way.


Unfortunately due to Forever’s bankruptcy, they dropped a lot of positions which were going to rid the whole visual team. I was absolutely broken as I had grown so much & loved what I did. I had to look for another job which led me out of fashion. I wasn’t ready because I still had a lot more growing to do in what I loved.


On my last day at Forever, the manager who helped me grow in those years told me, “Post more on your blog.” & that has stuck with me since. I made sure to continue blogging. I realized I needed it more than ever for a creative outlet to express my love for fashion. I took the more consistent blogging as a way to continue to grow in what I loved.

Self-love can be extremely difficult to come by. I discovered that my self-love & confidence came from fashion. My message for my fashion blog is to encourage everyone to dress in whatever you want, whatever makes you feel empowered & yourself. I encourage everyone to try that funky outfit & go out of your comfort zone. I want to help share tips & ideas that you can put into your own lifestyle to fit you. I want everyone to experience that confidence we all deserve to have.


I hope my blog does all these things & more for you. Let’s boost our confidence & love ourselves fully. Even if it’s one day at a time.



Hailey Allison Styles

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