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This Is Me

You started singing the song didn't you? I kinda figured anyone who would possibly read this would be around my age. Now that I have your attention I can begin my first blog post.

When thinking about what the topic of my first blog would be, I thought it was only appropriate to begin with myself - I mean that in the least selfish way as possible.

You could say I am a typical small town girl, growing up in Broussard, Louisiana, who has developed a deep passion for fashion, makeup & sharing advice of all kinds from the few lessons I have learned so far in my eighteen years of life. YouTube was my gateway to the beginning of me. My love for fashion began the summer after my freshman year of high school, when I started to watch outfit ideas by icons such as Bethany Mota and Meredith Foster. Likewise, Michelle Phan, a YouTuber whose channel was filled with makeup tutorials piqued my interest in beauty.

What really brought me to love these people were their amazing personalities. These young women were always so positive and supporting to their followers. They always promoted self-love and feeling beautiful in your own way, full face of makeup or not. This idea ignited a spark in me, because at this time I was my mom's guinea pig for her budding photography hobby. When I posted some of the images my mom would take, other girls complimented me and it would make me feel so empowered. It was those little comments I received that made me think, "In a world where some girls can be so hateful and tear others down, I want to start spreading self-love and helping young girls be bold and comfortable in their own skin." I have already been told that my words are inspiring a few young ladies to feel beautiful, which only furthered my desire to make social media a more positive place.

Ever since I started getting into the world of fashion and beauty, people have asked me about my makeup and clothes, how I put together outfits, tips on how to do makeup the way I do, and accessorizing. Before then, I hadn’t thought much of even being able to give advice to my fellow girlfriends about these kinds of things, so when I found out what blogging was, I discovered a perfect avenue to share all my advice in one great place that anyone can access.

To put a bow on my first post, my purpose for this blog is most importantly to share with anyone who is willing to listen, my advice, from fashion to life in general. I want to help others in any way that I can, and I can certainly measure my success with each person I help to feel bold, beautiful, and empowered in this crazy world.

This is only the beginning and remember, be your own kind of beautiful.

With Love,

Hailey H.

#beauty #fashion #love #self #bold #empower

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