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Wardrobe Staples | Tops & Dresses

When my passion for shopping & dressing up began to take off, I started doing research on how to expand ones wardrobe. One of the first things I learned about was "Wardrobe Staples" (pieces of clothing that every girl needs in her closet). These pieces are EXTREMELY versatile which makes them crucial to create an abundance of outfits. These are not necessarily the "Fun" & "Trendy" articles that anyone really enjoys adding to their closet, but they are the classics that I believe every girl should have.

This will be a series that I aspire to continue by informing you about other essentials such as bottoms, shoes & more that you should to add to your closet. I will also be making more in depth posts about how to style these pieces in the future, so stay tuned!

As a disclaimer, these are my personal opinions on what I believe are the important staples so you can either add all of these, or just a few. Do whatever fits your style the most! Remember, fashion is all about what makes you feel confident & gorgeous like you already are!


The Basic Tee

Whether its a classic v-neck or a scoop neck, a basic tee is definitely a must have. Look into getting one in white, black & grey. If you want more of the "classic" look, the v-neck is the way to go, however, you can go with whatever neck style you prefer. You may also want to invest in both a white and a black in long sleeve for the cooler fall/winter months.


Whether its red & black or blue & green, a plaid flannel is always a must! You can either tie it around your waist, or wear under a sweater to bring out a pop of color.

White Button Up

The white button up is a precious way to dress up a casual skirt for a regular day or to look professional with dress pants for an interview. You have a large range of fabrics, from chiffon to cotton. Whatever fits your personal preference will work.

Chambray Shirt

Chambray is a fabric that looks like denim, but isn't. It is much thiner & more light weight than regular denim. Most ladies usually wear chambray to achieve the denim on denim look, but they will also wear it with skirts & bold colored pants. Just like denim, the chambray shirt comes in many different washes. You can choose your wash based on what you like the best.


Little Black Dress (LBD)

Dress it up for a night out with the girls with some sexy stilettos & clutch or make it more business appropriate by styling it with a blazer & closed toe pumps. It can be basic or have lace & embellishments. Any short black dress will do!

Little White Dress (LWD)

A white dress is a MUST for the spring & summer months. If you can find one that's long sleeve, you can also rock the LWD in the winter. My personal favorite style in a white dress is lace, but you can find other white dresses in other fabrics if lace isn't your thing.

I can't wait to make more detailed posts about this topic in regards to making the most out of these staples. I hope this helps you all!

Lots of love,

Hailey H.

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