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Sending Love to Gatlinburg ♥

If you've seen the news recently you will be familiar with the fast moving forest fires in Gatlinburg, TN. Such a beautiful place filled with beautiful hearted people, tourists are always coming back to experience this stunning location. These images were taken by my mother on past trips. As amazing as these pictures they are, they don't do justice of how breathtaking this area is.

As someone who has been to this area multiple times, it breaks my heart to see it burn down before my eyes. Homes & businesses have been destroyed along with rental cabins & resorts where many have made plenty of memories. The people of this area will struggle with loss of business because of the lack of tourist traffic. A lot of the money received in the area was from the tourists who visited. This is how many of the locals made their money to support their families.

I hope the spreading of these fires stops soon so the city can begin to rebuild even better than before. In time the forest will recover itself & the animals will have a safe place to live again. All it will take is love & support. I want the people of Gatlinburg to know that my family & I are praying that this gets better as soon as possible.

Lots of Love,

Hailey H. ♥

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