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Wardrobe Staples | Bottoms

As a continuation of my "Wardrobe Staples" series, I will cover more staples that you should consider investing in as for bottoms. With this post I was able to find a few pictures of me wearing some of these items to give you an idea of what to look for & how to style them. Giving you all a disclaimer again, you do NOT have to buy every single one of these. These items are not for all personal styles, so purchase what you will enjoy wearing.


If you are the type of girl that doesn't enjoy wearing skirts or dresses, you don't have to worry about purchasing any of these if you don't want to. I personally enjoy skirts, especially with the wide variety of styles that they come in! If you enjoy wearing skirts, I suggest that you invest in at least one of each of these three M's:

- Mini

- Midi

- Maxi

Mind you these are three totally different styles, so make sure you will feel comfortable wearing them before you purchase something you won't want to wear.


- Classic Denim (Light or Dark Wash)

I'm sure this staple shouldn't be a problem because I'd say most of us already have a pair of denim shorts in our wardrobe, especially if you live in an area where it is warm most of the time.

- Dressy Shorts (Pattered or Solid)

"Dressy" shorts are a little more comfortable than denim in my personal opinion. I say "dressy" because they are a little "fancier" than regular denim shorts. With that being said they are very casual. Perfect to stay cool in the spring & summer. You can get a solid color or patterned like I am wearing in this picture. Floral, stripes, tribal, you name it, you're sure to find something that suits your style the most.

- Black & White

Again neutrals are always a must in your wardrobe. Black & white will go with whatever you may pair it with. They also help when your top stands out with a busy pattern as shown above.


With pants, it won't matter if you purchase these in high rise or low rise. Whatever fit you like the best & makes you feel the most comfortable.

- Black & White

Just like the black & white shorts, these neutral pants will allow you to create various outfits with bold colors & patterns. Whether they are plain or distressed, it will not matter.

- Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

Dark wash jeans can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair with it. One of the most versatile pieces on this list.

- Boyfriend Jeans

My pair of "boyfriend" jeans are actually a skinny fit pair from American Eagle that tend to stretch out after I put them on. They're loose enough to give me the look that I want but not too loose to where they are falling off of me!

Boyfriend jeans can add a casual flare to any outfit as they are comfortable & easy to wear.

- Distressed Jeans

Because this pair is distressed, it works out for this category as well. Any pair of distressed jeans will do.

I hope this will inspire you to invest in some of these pieces & style them multiple ways! I will do more in depth styling blogs in the future so stay tuned & keep up with me on my social media to be up to date with my latest posts!

Instagram: @beausoleiltoday

Twitter: @BeauSoleilToday

Lots of Love,

Hailey H.

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