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Visit Cozumel with FURY

Cruising or have a trip in Cozumel, Mexico? I can tell you one of the BEST excursions in the area for around only $70 a person!

Snorkeling, beach party AND unlimited beer & margaritas? {Yes, I said UNLIMITED.}

Thanks to my mother I have plenty of pictures to give you an idea of what to expect from this excursion!

Starting your Excursion

Board your catamaran & the FURY crew will hand you your snorkeling gear to explore the crystal blue waters of Mexico.


You will take off to begin your snorkeling portion of the excursion. Once there the crew will give you their instructions on snorkeling & then you're set free to explore.

You will see plenty of fish, coral, etc. After approximately 45 minutes you will board back onto the catamaran & you will sail off to your beach party on FURY"s private beach. On your ride you will be offered your unlimited beer & margaritas (sodas are offered to the kiddos). To be safe they wait until you're no longer snorkeling.

FURY's Beach

FURY's beach is the definition of a paradise. As it is privately owned by the FURY company you don't have to worry about your relaxation being interrupted by the locals trying to sell you things you may not want.

On the beach you have some shopping, massages & food is offered at extra cost. They offer hamburgers for $11 with sides of pasta & potato salad. DEFIANTLY worth the money you pay.

There are cabana beds, hammocks & beach chairs to lounge in to get your relaxation on if you're there to relax.

If you have kids or are a kid at heart, FURY offers many water activities, such as paddle boards & water inflatables. Jacob & my Dad clearly had plenty of fun after a few drinks! (LOL)

Catamaran Party

After a few hours at the beach, everyone loads up onto the catamaran to head back to the ships. On the ride back the FURY crew will continue handing you drinks while you line dance to fun upbeat music.

If you're interested in seeing videos on this excursion check out my cruise video!

Time stamp to 2:46 to skip straight to my Cozumel portion of the video!

I hope when you travel to Cozumel you consider FURY to be your excursion, definitely worth it!

If you want to book with Fury, here is the link to their website!

Lots of Love,

Hailey H.

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