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State Fair Outfit Ideas

In late May & early June, the state fair comes to Lafayette, Louisiana. With the fair being in town I thought it would be a great idea to give you some outfit ideas for your next state fair or any outfit for the summer!

T-Shirt Dress

Wearing a t-shirt dress to the fair or any kind of theme park is great for a multitude of reasons. You can eat as much as you want & not feel bloated, they're super comfortable & it's straight up cute!

I paired my dress with a flannel around the waist to make the look a little more structured. Throwing on a white hat & chucks gave the perfect casual but cute vibe to the overall look.


First of all, can we talk about how cute this cotton candy stand is? Such a cute area to take pictures!

I cannot stress enough how amazing overalls are, you can throw them on with any top & you instantly look put together. Just like the t-shirt dress, they are very simple & super comfy for daily wear.

Along with my overalls, I wore a striped off the shoulder top (again with off the shoulder, I know, sorry not sorry I'm just too obsessed!). I had to use this top because it totally gave me carnival vibes with the red & white pin stripes.

Two Piece polka dots

This is an oldie (last year old) but a goodie! This polka top definitely gives those retro vibes!

Throw on a red bandana for the classic Rosie look, slap on the red lipstick & you're ready to go! I added my jean jacket for layering & for warmth when it gets cooler in the nighttime.

Want to see these looks live & in action? Check out my video on State Fair Outfit Ideas!

Thank you for the support!

Lots of Love,

Hailey Hoyt

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