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Thanksgiving Day 2017

I am still feeling this Food Coma from yesterday & it’s not a great mix when you’ve had to work at 4 AM for Black Friday. But besides that I had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving full of Family & Delicious food. 

My outfit for yesterday was a look I am absolutely in love with for the end of fall & upcoming winter. I didn’t get many great pictures but you’ll get the idea with these:

This oversized chenille varsity style sweater was SO warm & comfy for our chilly Louisiana Thanksgiving. Once paired with some glen plaid pants, shiny burgundy boots & a cabbie hat, I was satisfied with my Thanksgiving look! 

First things first, we went to Jacob’s dads! We took a couple pictures & ate AMAZING food. 

After Jacobs dads, we came back to my mom & dads to visit with some family from out of town!  

I got to see my GodChild Liam for the first time in a long while since life is so hectic & busy. He’s only 4 months & is already in 12 month clothing! He’s growing way too fast. 

Afterwards, we headed off to see Jacobs mom. Ate my favorite lasagna that she makes & tried a new cake made for Jacob’s brother’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Jordan!

There’s also a new baby on that side of the family & this one is so tiny. How cute is he?

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving & are excited to enjoy the upcoming holidays! 

Lots Of Love,

Hailey Hoyt

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