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Holiday Outfit Ideas | 2017

Less than FIVE days until Christmas & I have FIVE Holiday/Christmas outfit ideas to give you some inspiration for your holiday look!

Velvet & Fur

Is it really Christmastime without velvet & green? Velvet has already been a huge trend this year & I wanted to involve it in one of these holiday looks!

When I first saw this skirt in the store, I was highly intimidated but the longer I looked at it the more I fell in love. This skirt officially has the name in my closet as "the polar bear butt" skirt. I thought it was quite fitting.

I absolutely enjoy the mix of textures of the fur skirt & the velvet bodysuit. To keep the look from being too dark, I decided to use my taupe boots instead of black.

French Chic

This look is so light & fresh, a look I personally enjoy the most. Red is one of the most beautiful holiday colors so of course it should be incorporated into a couple of these looks!

My personal favorite part of this look was the skirt! It has just enough shimmery gold to feel ready for the holiday season without being too overwhelming!

Berets are so trendy & timeless, I love the red shade of this one!

This off the shoulder sweater from Forever 21 is SO soft & beyond comfortable to wear. If a skirt isn't your style, you can always opt for a pair of jeans to wear with your holiday sweater(s)!

Tartaan Plaid

This outfit was definitely out of my personal comfort zone because it involves mixing patterns, something I was deathly afraid of for a very long time. However, this look actually came out perfectly despite the polar opposite patterns!

This fur leopard coat has been my new best friend, it's the easiest way to make any simple outfit look that much trendier! Once again I added my red beret to top it off!

Chenille Sweater

I have been way too obsessed with chenille sweaters, I officially have too many. This fabric is beyond soft & feels like a cozy blanket, something everyone loves right?

I brought back the "polar bear butt" because I love it so much & wanted to find multiple ways to wear it! By adding this plaid coat & chenille sweater, it adds so much dimension to this look.

Also, would this really be a Hailey Hoyt blog post without a cabby hat? Nope. I thought this hat would be the perfect way to make this look a little more laid back.

Plaid & Leopard

This is probably the most casual look out of the five but it is definitely one of my most favorites.

With the base of a white sweater & frayed hem jeans, I was able to jazz the look up with my fur leopard coat & plaid scarf.

Once again, black sock booties & a cabby hat are added to complete the outfit!

This is honestly my favorite time of year because I love seeing everyone get dressed up for parties & just having the best time. As always, I hope this gave some inspiration on what to wear for Christmas!

Don't forget to check out my video to see these looks in action!

Lots of Love & Merry Christmas!

Hailey Hoyt

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