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Louisiana Winter Wonderland

Who broke Louisiana? Us Cajuns are not equipt for ice/snow/sleet (whatever you wanna call it)! With that being said, many stayed safe & stayed in like us! 

We weren’t outside long, but for the time we were it was quite painful to be hit with a windchill constantly. 

My red puffer from Forever 21 was the perfect addition to add some color & warmth to this outfit! 

Seriously. This thing is so warm! 

Jolie had her own fashion statement with her little 80’s style coat but she wasn’t too fond of it as seen here.

But of course, since she just LOVES Jacob she was happy to do a photoshoot for him & with him. 

The ground was quite slippery & my clumsy self was very afraid. 

Overall, it was a fun day to chill (no pun intended) but I’m kinda ready for warmer weather, anyone else?

I hope you all stayed safe & warm & will continue to do so until we get back to a climate that we can actually handle! 

Lots of Love,

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