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Casual Date OOTD + First Time at Judice Inn

When I think Coca-Cola, I think of retro vibes! I knew this Coca Cola bodysuit from Forever 21 had to be in my wardrobe! This is the outfit I created with the bodysuit for Jacob & I’s casual date night! 

My pants were found in the sale section for $13 at, you guessed it, Forever 21. Is that even a question? 

 I adore these patent white leather boots, they add such a pop to an outfit! I can’t wait to wear them more as we transition into the spring months!  

To tie (no pun intended once again) in more white into the look, I tied a basic white bandana around my neck!  

Now, onto my first time at Judice Inn. Jacob has been telling me about Judice Inn for the past few months so we decided to spend our year & one month eating there!  

For a place to be open since 1947 & still going strong, there must be something special about the joint! 

They sell bottled Coca-Cola which I’m sure brings nostalgia to those who grew up getting a bottled drink with their meal. 

(PSA he’s pretty cute.) 

The burger practically fell apart in my hand but that’s how you know somethings good right? We both got the double cheeseburger with grilled onions, lettuce, mustard & mayo! Also, their sauce is amazing! I completely understand the hype now!

The building itself is small but I can tell there’s a lot of people coming & going every day! Many online orders from Waitr or customers just picking up a bite on their way home! 

I can definitely say we left with happy, full bellies! 

10/10 would recommend!

Lots of Love,

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