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Strong as Steel, Bright as a Flame | Friendship Photoshoot

Friendship shoots are always fun, you can practice your photography skills & you get to spend some quality time with your friends. This shoot was wonderful in a special type of way. My friend Deb has been powering through a brain tumor for about three months now & because of all the chemo, she has lost all of her hair.

She wanted to do a shoot with her shaved head to capture this point in her life in a positive light to show her strength. I was all for it to help her feel as beautiful as she is! My wonderful mom accompanied us so we were able to get some shots together as well!

We started off by a pretty green wall, I seriously love the colors in this shot!

While shooting we saw an old car, always a jackpot when shooting. (After asking of course) we got some AWESOME shots by this old car.

Can we talk about this shot that Deb got of me? Aspiring photographer! (;

After shooting in by the car for a while, my mom noticed some guys doing blacksmithing in the building next to the car! We asked to take some shots of them doing their work & they offered to let us use their workspace for some pictures!

Strong as Steel

Beings that Deb has been so strong throughout this whole journey, this was the perfect setting to embrace her strength through this whole process. Here are the shots I got of my girl SLAYING the game.

Bright as a Flame

Oh yeah, they also let her use a blow torch. YOU CAN'T PLAY WITH THIS GIRL! Y'all can't say she didn't kill the game!

This was seriously such a bomb place to shoot!

The Flag Was There

With Deb's Fiancé being in the Army, it was such a beautiful thing when we saw the flag wherever we went.

I honestly loved this retro vibe from her outfit, she ROCKED it! I'm so thankful that she let me style her for this shoot!

As I stand by Deb, (I have said this repeatedly) I am so amazed by how strong she is. Her positivity has taken her so far & has made her so powerful during this journey. Her beauty inside & out astonishes me every single day.

To help her pay for her chemo, medical needs & etc., our friend Miranda has set up a GoFundMe for her! Be sure to read her story & if you can't donate, at least share! All of this care gets very expensive so very share & donation is very much appreciated.

Thank you so much for reading!

Happy Monday! Have a BEAUTIFUL week!

Lots of Love,

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