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Festival International de Louisiane | 2018

Another year, another weekend where Downtown Lafayette is filled with people for Festival International! I didn't get to see & do as much as I would have liked but here are a few of my adventures!


April 26, 2018

My friends & I met up on a Thursday, the best day to go is usually on a weekday because theres a good bit of people but it's not as crazy as the weekends!

Yeah, we're goofy & not sorry about it.

My outfit is entirely from Forever 21, nothing new.

When it comes to Festival food, if you didn't get a bread bowl & take a picture of it did you really go to Festival? The Crawfish boat is probably the most popular food item at the Festival! Cheese, spinach & crawfish in a bread boat? Yes please!

Just boys being boys.

PC: Miranda Hebert

We spent the rest of the night just hanging out & got to listen to some live music throughout the streets!

The passion for the music they play is definitely displayed by their dancing while performing!


April 29, 2018

On Sunday, Miranda & I spontaneously decided to go to Festival once again to shoot some pictures! BUT FIRST, a shrimp poboy!

Who wouldn't be this happy for this delicious sandwich?

We also saw SO MANY DOGS. Look at this ball of fluff!

After falling in love with this fluff ball, we went & walked around the shops. From jewelry to art to clothing, you can definitely find something just for you!

One woman was kind enough to let us shoot around her work! Her art made for a beautiful backdrop! (Sadly we misplaced her business card to tag her, if you reconize her work please let me know so I can credit her!)

PC: Hailey Hoyt (Me), Beau Soleil Photography

Seriously LOVED all of the shots that Miranda captured! (RAWM Photography)

While walking streets we saw some "Festival Creatures" as Miranda called them! Crazy talented people, I must say.

Because we were basically dying of heatstroke, we decided to head back to the car & took a couple more pictures!

#ShotsWithMyOtherBaby (AKA my Nikon)

Be sure to check out Miranda's socials for her photography!

Facebook: RAWM Photography

Instagram: @RAWMPhotography


Thank you for reading! I hope you're having a WONDERFUL week, hint hint tomorrow is FriYAY!

Lots of Love,

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Facebook | Hailey Allison Hoyt

Twitter | @HoytHailey

Youtube | Hailey Hoyt

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