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Salsa & Salsa in Costa Maya | Travel Diary

Our second port of call on our Royal Caribbean Cruise was Costa Maya, Mexico! Our excursion of choice was a "Salsa & Salsa" {Learning to how to make various salsas & salsa dance!}

Exploring The Port

When we got off of the ship, we had a little time before our group would be leaving so we explored the shopping area in the port. While walking around we saw some men winding themselves around a pole, preparing for their stunt show.

Once all of their rope was secured, they jumped down & spun around to unwind the rope going round & round until they reached the ground.

We also had a mini photoshoot of my outfit, as per usual.

Everything is from Forever 21, sadly this dress is two years old & no longer available but they do have quite a few "lace up" items online!

Coin pendant necklaces have been very hot this summer. They accent low necklines beautifully.

Retro shades are popping up every summer! I love how these cat eye sunglasses are unique with their boxy/geometric shape.

By the time we had walked around & shot some photos, it was time to hop on the bus to head to our excursion!

Salsa & Salsa

Right away we were given blue margaritas {even amounts of tequila, blue curacao, lime juice & simple syrup} & WOW so good, but they are very strong so keep that in mind if you make a batch!

Of course the boys went with the beer of choice in Costa Maya.

Now onto making the salsa! They gave each pair of people an even amount of ingredients, bowls & utensils to use to make the salsa & guacamole. We ended up purchasing the bowls to make these salsas authentically at home!

As they instructed us, we would cut up our ingredients & mix them. We created two salsas & guacamole! All of it paired very well with our margaritas!

Jacob ended up doing most of the work because I couldn't stop eating! Sorry babe!

If anyone is interested I have the recipes here!

After enjoying our chips & salsa, they then taught us how to Salsa step by step! We weren't the best, but it was a lot of fun!

As a surprise to us, that wasn't the end of the excursion for us! They surprised us with a tequila tasting!

After the delicious tasting of some specialty tequilas, we walked around & took some pictures until it was time to leave!

We hopped back on the bus & was brought back to the shopping area by the ship where we took more pictures & I was clearly still feeling the tequila!

That concludes this travel blog! I hope you enjoyed seeing what we did in Costa Maya!

Lots of Love,

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