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Spooky Festivities | 2018

October is almost over & I thought I'd share the Spooky Festivities I did during the month!

The Pumpkin Patch

I'm pretty sure that this is officially a tradition for Miranda & I to go to the pumpkin patch to shoot some pictures. This year we were sweating like crazy in our fall outfits but at least we still looked the part, right?

Once again this year, I loved the shots Miranda got!

RAWM Photography

Here are some of my shots I got at the pumpkin patch!

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is essential for the Halloween season! Jacob & I spent a beautiful Sunday carving pumpkins at my parents house. Such a good day filled with gumbo & Football!

If these pictures don't describe us perfectly, I don't know what does!

A smart man knows not to mess with his girl when she has a knife in her hand...just kidding!

Because we would forget to light them every night after we carved them, we only got a completed picture of Jacob's awesome carving of a cabin & a deer. Mine was all moldy & gross by the time we took this picture of Jacob's.

Spooky Photoshoot

This year some of my creative friends & I decided to do a Halloween Collab! Shout out to Lily for doing my makeup for this creepy clown look! Be sure to check out her Instagram, she is so sweet & talented! I also have to give a special credit to Miranda for bearing through this shoot because hates clowns. You go girl!

Miranda's Shots

Bailey's Shots (These get creepy, be aware!)

DeVante's Shots

Be sure to check out all of their social media pages!

RAWM Photo {Miranda}



Bailey Melancon



DeVante Thomas


Lily Duplechin


That is all for my Spooky Season blog, I hope you all enjoyed & have even done some of these fun festivities! Be sure to have a safe & spooky Halloween!

Lots of Love,

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