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Citron for Fall | Color Stories

I always said that I would never wear citron/lime growing up but if fashion has taught me anything, it's to never say never when it comes to popular trends. I definitely have discovered a new liking to this color & I never thought it would come into fall trends but it absolutely has. Here is how I styled this bright color for fall!

Colors: Citron, Black, Navy

Textures & Patterns: Leather & Plaid


Rompers are a great piece to transition into fall because they can be layered with basics to make them wearable even during the cooler months. I loved this romper during summer & I wanted to get a little more wear out of it before it got too cold out. I layered this romper with a plain black turtleneck top underneath & thigh high boots to have an extra layer of warmth.

Also, I'm still living for this headband trend. I love getting to channel my inner Blair Waldorf. Sorry about I keep mentioning her character but I'm currently re-watching Gossip Girl & obsessing over the fashion, so please bear with me.

If you're interested in this headband, it's still available at H&M! I'll leave the link here.


Is it really autumn without a plaid skort/skirt? I think not. I absolutely love this skort that I got last year but stores like Forever 21 & H&M have lots of great options to choose from especially during this time of year! It's definitely the perfect fall staple. I used this citron sweater to bring out the bright green colors on the skort.

Fuzzy Sweater

Again with the fuzzy sweaters, I know but you can't help but love these kinds of sweaters for these cool autumn & winter months. Perfect sweater to stay warm & chic!

This might be my favorite outfit out of the three because I am OBSESSED with this pair of leather pants from H&M. I have a plan to create a "three ways to wear leather pants" because I think a pair of leather pants is a great staple for your wardrobe, so keep an eye out for that!

I hope you had a wonderful Sunday & I hope you have an even better week this week. Go kill it!


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