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Cruisewear Outfit Inspiration | Casual/Day Outfits

I constantly get questions asking on how to pack for cruises & what to wear. With this post I’m going to go over some casual outfit ideas for your next cruise or any beachy vacation!

All of these outfits work well to throw over a swimsuit when you're in between heading to the pool on the ship or heading to an excursion!

Midi Dress

On the boarding day, I personally love to dress a little cute because if you get on the ship early enough, most of the ship is empty enough to get some good pictures without a lot of people in the background! At this point, it's our cruise tradition!

A dress is always a good go-to when shopping for cruisewear! Sadly this dress is only left in an XS online, but i will still link it here!

Boater Hat

Clog Sandals (Similar)

Accordion Pleated Skirt

This next outfit is one of my favorites beings that this skirt has so much color! Another bonus is that I scored this skirt for only $12!

Pleated Skirt

White Sandals (Multiple Styles)

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Belted Button Front Dress

One of my favorite things to do for this upcoming spring is to dress down dresses by pairing them with a pair of sneakers. I adopted this look from my fashion idol, Tess Christine. She's absolutely worth checking out for all things fashion!

I always recommend sneakers for cruising if you plan on doing an excursion that doesn't involve water & involves a lot of walking.

Dress (Similar Shape)

Sneakers (Similar)

Wicker Bag (Similar)

Hair Scarf (Similar)

Two Piece Sets

Two piece sets have been trending a lot the last couple years because of the cuteness & not having to think about your outfit! These are great for cruising because whether you are just doing an activity on the cruise ship or exploring a port, it's a cute yet casual look to just throw on & call it a day!

Also, shout out to my coworkers for showing me this wicker fanny pack before leaving for my trip! I love the look it gave to this outfit!



Sadly I could not find this bag online! But I'll keep an eye for it & update this post if anything changes!

Tropical Romper

A romper is another good choice when packing for a cruise because its cute yet comfortable!


Ray Bans

Striped Dress

I have been loving wearing headbands lately & they are awesome for cruises because it can get quite windy sometimes on the ship or in port! I love the way this one ties in with the colors in my dress!

Similar Dress


Woven Shorts

Last but not least, we have a pair of shorts! Flouncy shorts like this are always awesome to throw over swimsuits or just pair with a cute top. The bodysuit I'm wearing is a couple years old so it is not available BUT the shorts are available here!

I hope if you have a tropical trip soon or if you even just wanted some spring/summer outfit ideas that you got some inspiration & I hope you feel confident in your new outfits! Until next time!

Lots of Love,

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