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A Weekend in Dallas 2018 | Travel Diary

After booking tickets for Panic! at the Disco's Pray for the Wicked tour, we decided to make a whole weekend trip in Dallas! Here are our adventures.

Friday: Travel Day

Beings that I had to go to work for a few hours before leaving, I still wanted to keep my outfit comfortable enough for the six hour drive up. With a pair of floral embroidered shorts & a button up blouse, I was good to go!

After several hours of having to back track to get my camera that I forgot, we finally made it into Dallas!

Once checked into our hotel, we headed out to explore some of the nightlife & get a bite to eat.

Day 2: Exploring Dallas, Watermelon Festival & Panic!

First of all, our view from the hotel was gorgeous but of course waking up to the love of your life is a wonderful thing in itself.

After getting up & ready for the day, finding coffee & food was the first act of protocol. We discovered a café called "Ascension" & it was less than a five minute walk from the hotel! This place really had the best aesthetic, I swear.

After ordering our drinks & food, we received it all in a very timely manner. I ordered an iced caramel coffee & chai seed pudding while Jacob ordered a hot americano & a croissant with jam. Everything was so fresh & delicious, we will definitely be back next time we are in Dallas.

After eating, we discovered that there was a Watermelon festival by the farmers market so we began to head that way to check it all out.

At the farmers market, they had multiple vendors. From fresh fruit farmers to homemade popsicle stands to homemade soap makers, they had just about everything at this festival!

After leaving the farmers market we began to make our way to the Reunion Tower, taking photos along the way & WOW it was HOT this day. The heat was worth it because this city is gorgeous.

Once at the reunion tower, we bought our tickets & saw Dallas from the best view. This is definitely a must do if you go to Dallas for the first time.

After we were done looking at the views of the city, we hopped in an Uber to go back to the hotel to get cleaned up before heading out to see Panic!.

We found a cute little Italian place called Americano & it was so yummy! Sadly they didn't have any pasta ready by the time we went (they make their pasta from scratch in the evenings for dinner) but the pizza & meatballs we had we're really good!

After dinner, it was time for Panic!. Once at the American Airlines Center, I bought a new shirt & put it on right away. When we walked to our seats, I couldn't believe how close we were.

The show was absolutely amazing & such a great experience. It was everything I could have ever expected & more. Another thing crossed off my bucket list.

The next day, we packed up & made our way back home to Louisiana. So long Dallas, until next time!

Lots of Love,

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