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February Highlights | Monthly Recap 2020

February was exhausting but so much fun to say the least. Here are my highlights for February 2020:

Louisiana Creates

February started with Louisiana Creates' fourth event! Super proud of my friend Bailey for having continuous success with these photo walks! Here are a few BTS Shots & completed shots from the event:

Check out their Instagram for more information if you want to be there for part 5!

Louisiana Saturday Night

This is how we do it in south Louisiana on a Saturday night: good food, family, music & cutting up together. The best way to wind down from the week! My mom throws down the best fried shrimp in the state. I also helped teach my godchild how to do the most important line dances.

Galentines Day

Wine, friends & To All The Boys I Loved Part 2. That is all.

Valentines Day

Jacob & I spent our 4th Valentines Day in to continue our tradition of staying in & avoiding the crowds. A perfect night in my book.

Mardi Gras

Get ready. This was two straight weeks of Louisiana's Biggest Party of the year.

Part 1: RIO Parade

Jacob's brother came down to visit for the weekend so we took him & his friend to his first Mardi Gras parade!

Part 2: Triton Pre Ball Party

We had a Pre Ball Party which was dressing up as different eras. We went as Bonnie & Clyde in the 30s. Super happy with how Jacob's GoodWill outfit came out.

Part 3: The Triton Ball

Getting glammed in a formal dress really makes you feel like a new person. Super happy I got to spend time with old & new friends!

Part 4: The Queens Parade

On Lundi Gras I got to be in my first parade ever! Such a rush & so much fun.

Part 5: Opelousas Parade

Super happy I got to see some of my besties by being in this parade! Don't let these photos fool you, we all crashed out at the apartment afterwards.

February was fun but hopefully March will be more relaxing! Until next time!


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