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January Highlights | Monthly Recap 2020

This year I decided to recap each month of the year with my highlights from that month to look back on at the end of the year. Without further adieu, here is my January recap:

New Years Party

To kick of the new year, I spent it with some of my favorite people by having a Great Gatspy party in honor our version of the 1920's! All put together by my friends Miranda & Tiffany.

PC: Miranda

We also used this night to celebrate Mer's birthday early!

Baton Rouge Concert

Jacob & I had a little evening trip to BR to see Cody Jinks & Wade Bowen but before the concert we went to Tsunami for a beautiful, romantic rooftop dinner of sushi & drinks.

The concert was amazing, highly recommend Cody Jinks! He throws a great show.

Deb & Scott's Couples Shower

To celebrate the upcoming marriage of our good friends Deb & Scott, we went to their couples shower & had a great time hanging with all of our friends.

Wideload Ball

One of my favorite highlights of this month has to be the Krewe de Wideload Ball! This was a night to remember (or better yet forget). Miranda took the best photos to capture the night!

I love my Louisiana Creates gang!

Also be sure to check out Bailey's killer video from the night, see if you can spot us! (;

Krystie's Birthday

Last but not least I celebrated my girl's birthday with mimosas & great food! Happy Birthday, Krystie!

How was your January? Let me know!


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