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March Highlights | Monthly Recap 2020

So I definitely went back & fourth on whether to continue my monthly recaps beings everything going on but almost all the way through April I decided to continue to document my life during the quarantine. Let's get into it.

Deb's Bridal Shower

The month didn't start too bad, we showered my girl Deb with a whole lot of love, food & champagne! She looked absolutely beautiful as always.

13th Gate Escape

That same day we had an escape room booked at the 13th Gate Escape to celebrate Jacob's belated & my dad's birthdays! All I can say about their escape rooms is WOW (If you know you know.) I highly recommend if you love escape rooms like we do. We did the Cutthroat Cavern which is the #2 escape room in the world! Almost all the people I love did that escape room with us & made for great memories. These people crack me up & I'm beyond blessed.

Colleen's Wedding

The following weekend we went to a wedding for our good friend Colleen, it was a beautiful evening with a really fun reception!

Tiff's Birthday

We celebrated Tiff's birthday a few weeks early (I'm glad we did beings that we were about to be quarantined & didn't even know.) We celebrated with cute dogs, yummy crawfish & a some hilarious games of HeadsUp!

Paige's Birthday

That next Friday, before everything got serious we celebrated Paige's Birthday with a hot tub night.

Girls Who Love Group FaceTime Calls

After this night, the lockdown became the real deal & we've been home since. That didn't stop my friends & I from being able to hang out. Thank goodness for Snapchat FaceTime calls. I missed these girls more than anything. This night was full of deep convos & laughs! I really needed this to boost my spirits after being quarantined for a few weeks.

I hope everyone is staying safe & healthy in this uncertain time. I think things are starting to look up & I hope I'm right. Stay positive, we will all get through this. To all essential workers, thank you for putting yourself at risk every day to help others get what they need. Your sacrifices don't go unnoticed. Until next time.


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