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My Resolutions for 2020!

The new year has hit the ground running & I wanted to create more of a "self blog" with all of my resolutions for the year. I know it's always super cliche to have resolutions in the first place but I wanted to hold myself accountable to reach these goals & look back at how much I've accomplished at the end of the year.


Make my health more of a priority

This is one of those resolutions that we all make at the beginning of the year to "get in shape" & "eat healthier" but it's more than that to me. Exercise has never been a part of my life from not being in sports growing up. Now that I'm a grown woman, I learned very quickly how easy & quick it can be to gain weight & get into unhealthy habits. I want to knock that out & create a healthier lifestyle for myself.

I want to become physically stronger, I'm tired of being a weakling. I always carry myself so much better when I've been working out. Not only is it good for your physical health but it's also just as good for your mental health. Even if it's just to get in a 30 minute walk or a full strength training workout, I want to be more fit & keep myself healthy. Having my Apple Watch will motivate me to close those rings!

2. Stop Snoozing Alarms

With that being said, I want to wake up in the mornings to get my workouts in so I need to stop snoozing my alarms. I am the absolute worst when it comes to this. I always snooze my alarms 4-5 times & end up getting out of bed more exhausted than if I would have just gotten out of bed the first time.

I'll partly blame Jacob for this one when he cuddles me knowing I should be getting myself out of bed so I don't run late.

3. Stop Procrastinating

I need to maintain a "get up & do it" attitude. Whether it be avoiding laundry or anything in general, I need to get off my phone or whatever I'm doing to avoid the task at hand. I need to remove all distractions. The sooner you start, the sooner you get it done.

4. Create Different Types of Content

I've been wanting to do this one for a while & I have lots of ideas. I have every thing I need, I just need to make the time to have my vision become a reality. I get ideas all the time but never put them in action. This year, I'm going to work harder to focus on creating the content that makes me inspired & excited.

5. Live in the Moment

We are all guilty of having our phones to capture memories rather than enjoying life in the moment. This year, I want to pull out my phone to snap a photo or two then put it away. I want to focus more on the people around me but still capture memories without filming the whole night on Snapchat.

I've been working on this one a little bit at the end of 2019 but I'm going to continue working on it in 2020.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog & that it inspired you to set some goals for yourself to work towards. We'll come back to this at the end of the year but until then, I'll see you on my next post! I have a lot planned for 2020 that I can't wait to share.


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