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Summer to Fall Transitional Outfits | 2019

Fall is almost here! Unfortunately not in our weather department down here in South Louisiana. For those of you like me who want to start sporting their fall looks without sweating like crazy, here are a few looks to help you transition some of your summer pieces into the fall!

Some of these looks are still too hot to wear in some areas (like Louisiana #boo) but if you're in a location where fall weather is actually making it's way, these looks will be perfect for you to try out!


Satin midi skirts have been THE trend this summer & are a great piece to transition into fall! I'm not ashamed to say that I have multiple colors & patterns in these skirts! This skirt that I'm wearing that I'll link here also comes in mustard if you aren't a fan of teal.

To transition this skirt into fall, I swapped this satin crop top for a cropped sweater & the sandals for these booties from ASOS that I am absolutely obsessed with. Unfortunately they're all sold out or else I definitely would have linked them.


Y'all will remember this look from my Cruisewear Outfit Ideas blog post. For summer, I styled this dress with a hair scarf & white sneakers.

Since pastels are making their way to be trendy for fall, I thought I'd find a way to transition this dress into fall! To do that, I layered a mock neck crop top underneath the dress & swapped the tennis shoes for the same boots from ASOS. To top it off, I added a beret because y'all already know I love cute berets for the fall & winter months!


We all love a cute jumpsuit to wear in the summer time but who says we can't wear them in the fall as well? This is a jumpsuit look I wore in NOLA a few weeks ago, this is my summer version!

On a side note, I constantly get compliments on this bag. I've worn it all summer & I am absolutely in LOVE with it. They have so many cute styles & the quality is amazing! Be sure to check them out on They currently have an "up to 50% off" sale going on right now, so I highly recommend checking them out!

To transition this jumpsuit into fall, I swapped the sandals for booties once again & I threw on a sweater & cabby hat to complete a fall look!

Floral Crop Top

For the summer version of this top, I styled it with a midi skirt & a wide brim hat. I'm also still obsessed with these lace up espadrilles from ASOS.

Once again, spring pastels don't have to be strictly for spring or summer! To transition this top into fall I wore threw on a pair of cute jeans from Dress Code Lafayette, along with my cream booties & a beret!

I was SWEATING in this outfit but do what you gotta do for the blog!

I hope all of you are just as excited about fall as I am! I have full blown fall outfits in the making as well, so keep a look out for that blog post! Until next time!

Lots of Love,

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